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Executive Board

President - Carolyn Noey

1st Vice President - Ray Cleeton

2nd Vice President Linda Farr

Treasurer - Jeremy Dick

Secretary - Harriette Weidner       Assistant - Susan Perkins

Past President - Kathy Brennan

Parliamentarian - John Rodgers

Committee Chairpersons

Membership - Martha McCluen and Christine Thompson

Sunshine - Jackie Wilson

Social - Susan Perkins &  Betty Dick

Telephone - Bertie Slagle(Chairperson), Gail Honert

Rose Workshop - Richard Weidner(Chairperson), Kathy Brennan, Mike Thompson

Newsletter Editor - Mary Bates

Yearbook Editor - Carolyn Noey

Greeters - Ray Cleeton,  Chris Thompson

PR Reporter - Mary Frances Carlson

Webmaster - Mark Kovalcson

Joining The Tennessee Rose Society

If you are interested in learning more about growing roses and live in the Knoxville area, the TRS is a group with many knowledgable members who can help you. Our monthly meetings are very informative and our attending rosarians and other members are here to answer questions and talk about this activity that we all enjoy.

We would like to invite you to attend a monthly meeting the first thursday of each month where you can meet the group and ask any questions.

Since the TRS is affiliated with the American Rose Society we ask that all members also become members of ARS.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!

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