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ARS Consulting Rosarians

Call a Consulting Rosarian in our society if you have questions about growing roses in the East Tennessee area. Consulting Rosarians are persons who are very knowledgable about growing roses by virtue of several years of experience growing them. They must be members of the American Rose Society for a minimum of three years, attended a school and passed an exam related to rose culture. Master Rosarians have been Consulting Rosarians for at least ten years and have demonstrated exceptional knowledge about growing roses. The services of Consulting Rosarians are provided free as a service to the community.

Elizabeth Alexander (865) 983-6498
Mary Bates (865) 675-5722
Kathy Brennan (865) 671-0886
Rhonda Spruiell* (865) 693-3200
Joe Spruiell* (865) 693-3200
Richard Wiedner (931) 456-8131
Susie Epperson (865) 984-4313

* Master Rosarian